Sunday, January 8, 2012

Decisions, decisions..

I made one today. I'm gonna read the Sookie Stackhouse series. Or as they are called more recently the True Blood series. I came to see that I needed to do it after speed-watching all four seasons of the tv show, and after falling hard for Eric Northman. Swedish viking vampire, fits me perfectly. As some of you know, I'm swedish myself so I understand when he has these little swedish mini-talks to his 'people' or to Godric. And stop reading now if you haven't read the first four books or seen the tv show, all episode. Spoiler coming up!

Eric and his problem in season 4. My favorite thing in the show, mainly because of my love for him. When he lost his memory and got all mushy and soft I only loved him more. It was so cute, and that was my turningpoint. Reading the books now, buying them tomorrow! Eric, you make my day.


  1. This series is very addicting! I started reading them after I had started watching the show. I have to warn you that the books don't match directly to the show. Some of the tiny characters in the books are main characters in the show. And the plot is different. Regardless I love both the books and the show equally.

  2. Eric is the best part of True Blood.