Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stained Glass by Anya Violetta

As Goodread say;

Eighteen-year-old Clio Grey is an orphan and a devout Catholic. That's why she can't stand Oliver Martin. Raised in the same orphanage, Oliver possesses mysterious powers, which Clio believes are the work of the devil. During their final year of school, Clio finds herself caught in a tumultuous love triangle, questioning her beliefs and embarking on a rollercoaster journey to solve the mystery of their powers and their true identities. In doing so, Clio and Oliver find themselves on opposing sides of a war that has been raging for centuries. 

The first of a trilogy, Stained Glass is the debut novel of the young and exciting new author, Anya Violetta.

I wanted to read this book every since I started speedreading all of Anya's fanfiction. The only problem is that it's not really a well known book so it's kind of hard to get a hold of. It bet it will come to the point where I'll ship it to Sweden from the U.S. Of course I have to read it, because Anya writes with a flow I like. And she's not predictable, so I will be suprised most of the time reading this book. There's where I'm sure, I will read this book. Wish me luck with getting it!

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