Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Way of Control

Keane Evans was someone most people looked over, not many really noticed him. There where places though, were anyone would spot him. The youthful circles, filled with drugs, alcohol and parties. There, everyone knew who he was. Did someone say Keane, then it was obvious that it was him and totally ridiculous if someone didn't know that. His younger brother, Freddie, had been forced to live in Keanes shadow, his legacy in his back all the time. Not that he complained. It gave him an unspoken respect, and an advantage among new people. Nobody wanted to start a fight with Keane, some did, but they where stupid or just knew him all to well. Nobody knew why that was. Nobody really knew him, only his closest friends. And even they didn't get him, understand him. He was... difficult.
Kee, pass the smoke?” Freddie asked, waved with the hand in front of his face. ”Come on, it's not that hard.”
The smoke was all over in the little room, spreading it's addictive smell. The shed, which was Keane's, was on the backside of the Evans family's ordinary house in the outskirts of Des Moines, Iowa. The two boys easily disappeared amongst the hundreds of thousands residents, and with the parents working and the father cheating they had a lot of time to themselves.
Get your own,” he muttered and drew a smoke.
Yeah, just give me your dealers number and I will.”
God, aren't you boring. Just find your own. It's a hunt. You'll love it, I sure did.” Keane licked his lips when he spoke, remember easy and clear about how he loved the hunt on everything. He didn't get why Freddie wasn't the same. He was one of those people who wanted it all, lying ready on his plate. Served with every possible supply. Keane liked to hunt and kill his supplies himself.
Just give it,” he groaned, but stopped nagging when Keane ranted up a number. ”Hey, mind taking that one more time and slower?”
Sure, why don't you get a pen while you're at it.”
Relax, I can remember. Just repeat,” Freddie said and memorized the numbers his brother said, calmly and collected this time.
I have to go. Miles is meeting me in Davenport, we've got some stuff to do,” Keane said and gave the half smoked joint to Freddie.
Davenport? That's three hours away, what the hell are you doing there?”
None of your fucking business. So just shut it.”
Cool it. No harm done. Just go on your stupid meeting.”
I will, and don't follow me this time,” Keane said and looked back at the time he caught his brother hiding in the trunk of his car. Covered in a tiny blanket in the middle of the freezing Iowa winter. He understood his brothers need to be like him, he was okay with it. More than that, he enjoyed seeing someone so fascinated by what he did. By what he could do. He could do lots of things, just not in front of Freddie. Clueless seventeen year old Freddie.

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